The Kitchen
1900 s.f. | jackson, wyoming
aia wyoming - award of merit
photography by Christopher Bezamat


An Asian inspired boutique restaurant is centered in a mountain resort town. The program required the remodel and addition to an existing residentially scaled structure. The existing meets seating requirements while the addition functions to provide restaurant services. Contextually, scale is consistent with urban neighbors, street setbacks maintained, materials and textures related. The existing facade was downplayed and emphasis through luminosity directed to storefront addition for a renewed street presence. Internally, layers of color texture and translucency, natural and sustainable, fuse images of western and asian. Maintaining the simple volume of the existing structure was desirable for its intimate scale and economic viability. However, the form and its materiality were programmatically transformed. An acrylic clad, ribbed, curvilinear form fills the volume blurring the lines of wall and ceiling, slotted end walls obscure exterior connections and the trellised bamboo, open to the kitchen, interfaces between old and new.